Sika Tiling Systemfor New Balconies


The construction and installation of tiled finishes on new balconies requires careful design and workmanship to prevent common problems such as uneven floor slabs, inadequate dewatering and drainage, inadequate waterproofing – especially at details such as joints and penetrations – or the inability to accommodate rapid temperature changes and thermal movement in the materials.

Sika use a screed made with a hydraulic binder, to ensure a level surface with high strengths rapid hardening and zero shrinkage. The waterproofing layer, made with a flexible, polymer modified, cementitious mortar, can be applied just 24–48 hours after the screed is finished. The cementitious tile adhesives for use on fully exposed balconies subject to extreme weather conditions are flexible and have a high polymer content, which allows them to accommodate movement due to wide and rapid temperature variations. The cementitious tile grouts for external use are also flexible, with low modulus of elasticity and good mechanical strength, including abrasion resistance. These properties are increased by mixing the grout with a special latex. A high performance, one-component, elastic polyurethane sealant is used to seal any moving joints or connections and ensure they also remain watertight.


Products Usage:

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Sikaflex®-11 FC+   SikaCeram® CleanGrout
with SikaCeram® LatexGrout
Sikalastic®-1 K
2 layers
  Sika® SealTape-S
SikaCeram®-255 StarFlex LD   Vapor barier
Sika Screed® Binder   Steel mesh

How to build a Sika Tiling System for Balconies in 6 steps? Watch this video

Sika Screed® Binder

Hydraulic binder for screeds (4 – 10 cm) with normal setting, quick-drying and low shrinkage, for internal and external use.

Needs to be mixed with aggregates.


1 m² at 10 cm thick = 1 bag of Sika Screed ® Binder + 200 kg of aggregate + 15 liters of water

Sikalastic®-1 K & Sika® SealTape-S

One-component polymer modified cementitious mortar, flexible and fiber-reinforced for waterproofing and concrete protection.

Sealing tape to waterproof and seal joints, perimeter and fittings in areas subject to moisture.


1.2 kg/m2 per 1 mm of thickness

1 L.m per L.m of corners and joints

SikaCeram®-255 StarFlex LD

Low dust emission, deformable powder adhesive to lay large sized ceramic tiles. (C2TE S1)


Approx. 4 kg/m2


SikaCeram® CleanGrout

Cementitious Tile Grout for 1 – 8 mm width. Water repellent, anti-fungus, high abrasion resistance, with very stable colors. (CG2) Mixed with:

SikaCeram® LatexGrout

Special latex additive for increasing performance of cement grouts, flexibility, and water resistance. (S1)


Approx. 1.0 kg/m2 (Tile size 12 x 24 x 1.4 cm, joint width 4 mm)

1.4 liter per 5 kg bag of grout


Sikaflex-11 FC+

Elastic joint sealant and multipurpose adhesive based on polyurethane, for use in vertical and horizontal joints, caulking between partitions, crack sealing, sealing in metal and wood construction.


1 cartridge 300 ml will make approx. 12 m for a joint section of 5 x 5 mm

  • Surface preparation
  • Waterproofing
  • Tile Adhesive
  • Tile Grouts
  • Sealant